If you’re looking to create a fashion line, I’m here to help you define your options to get your project completed in a creative and productive way with the highest quality outcome.

Please book a complementary consultation call or drop me an email. This is a great opportunity to get to know you and your ideas before we get started. In this session we’ll ask you questions to get a complete understanding and the scope of the project. I’ll explain my services and discus where I can help you as well as being an opportunity to discuss any questions you may have.

Based on our consultation, I’ll provide a a proposal detailing the options for working together. This can vary from creative consultation services, to a complete outsourcing of your design and development.

Finally, we’ll begin working closely throughout the fashion design & product development process.

Creative Consulting

I can provide comprehensive design and product development support. Whether your brand needs consulting services or a complete design & development input, I will use my extensive industry experience and global network to help create outstanding product.

Concept Creation

I can create your seasonal design concepts, presenting you with mood/trend boards and colour palettes. I’ll travel to events, trade shows, or other locations for research and development.


I will sketch an entire collection based on your brand’s concept and your ideas. This includes front and back silhouettes in black & white and in colour if needed. Communication and frequent updates will ensure that your vision is achieved.

Fabric Sourcing

When you are not sure what fabrics are best for your garments or where to find affordable materials suitable for sampling and production. I can source and gather samples together with prices.

Print Design

Whether repeat patterns or placement prints, I create contemporary and exclusive designs using a range of techniques, whether hand drawn or painted, to innovative graphic images. Using the latest in digital production, your pattern will come complete with a layered digital artwork file, enabling full editable capabilities.

Creative Pattern Cutting

I can help you translate your sketch or idea into accurate first patterns with the addition of a toile. *Note these will be your first sample paper patterns and will not include the full graded set.

Technical Packages

I will produce detailed, production ready tech packs. These include the technical drawings with detailed highlights, size specifications, fabric, trim, and colour indications. 

Factory Sourcing

When the designs and technical documents are ready but you don’t have a manufacturer. I can assist you in finding one who will offer the services you’re looking for.