Short version 

Abigail Eaton is a sustainable fashion design consultant, who works with clients worldwide designing, supporting and building strategies within independent fashion brands. Creating sustainable solutions throughout their business. 


Long Version

Abigail Eaton, born in Devon, is a sustainable fashion design consultant. She is currently based between Plymouth and London. 

Watching her mother sewing and creating her childhood clothes. She grew up always drawing and creating, moving onto designing clothes at age 11. Experimentation was a key part of play and she always looked for new ways to use materials. From aluminium cans, to create a chain mail dress. To layering waxed newspapers and combining with 2nd hand denim. Then using wire in knitwear and pleating to create abstract shapes.

After graduating from art school at Plymouth Art College in 1999, Abigail went on to study a BA in Fashion Design and Technology. Sustainability was a continued passion. Collecting unique 2nd hand clothing, including a Savile Row tailored jacket, to redevelop into new designs for her final collection. 

There was no doubt that London was the only place to start her career. She began in 2003 with a work placement at one of her fashion idols; Katharine Hamnett. Where she worked closely with the designer on her London Fashion Week collection and show. 

Excited with the buzz of the industry Abigail also worked with the luxury brand Ashley Isham that season. Spending countless days hand sewing and working with lace and learning couture techniques from the experienced studio team. 

Soon, she was offered a full time position as a multi-product womenswear designer. Abigail was regularly designing collections for London Fashion Week, as well as bespoke dresses for private clients and the red carpet and bridal wear. Specialising in draping, she designed dresses, separates and tailoring, as well as opulent, one of a kind, show pieces. Later worn by the likes of Lady Gaga, Kylie Minogue and Beyonce. In 2004 the brand became the official designer for the BAFTAs subsequently growing an increasingly high profile clientele, of film and television, catwalk, music and British and International royalty. Regularly dressing stars such as Angelina Jolie, Paloma Faith and Keira Knightley. 

Gowns were increasingly shown in magazine editorials and digital media. Including on the cover of the 100th issue of the British travel magazine, Conde Nast Traveller, in December 2005. Abigail’s creations have also appeared on the pages of Italian & British Vogue, Wallpaper, Elle and In-Style amongst others.

Over the next decade, she was involved in multiple collaborations and private events from designing a jewellery line for the brand, with Lee Hwa Jewellery. Creating the print for the Coca Cola “Jewel in your Hand” collaboration. Where the design was used on over one million commemorative cans and 100,000 bottles of Coca Cola light. As well as private fashion shows, such as that shown at Windsor Castle. 

By 2015 the brand had diversified and introduced menswear and bold playful swimwear. Showcasing contemporary tailored menswear alongside, sport / luxe pieces that were incorporated into both the show and selling collections, as well as the brand’s own Balinese swimwear boutique.  

Throughout her tenure at Ashley Isham, Abigail had continually researched the impact of the fashion industry on the environment and people. Feeling increasingly conflicted by the industry she was in and the impact it was having. In 2017 Abigail left the brand to focus on sustainable fashion. Moving into freelancing full time, after starting a few years previously. She collaborated with brands to try and create an impact from the inside. Working on multiple projects, from helping influencers to create sustainable personal brands at Aflete, to designing, sourcing fabrics and pattern cutting at slow fashion brands like By Em.

Abigail has since worked with over 60 independent brands, offering multiple services she was passionate about, such as designing, consulting, print designs and creative pattern cutting. All with a sustainable angle and focus. 

In 2018 she took over the boutique fashion house Design Make Produce. An international design and consultation house. Specialising in helping new designers and established brands. Guiding them through the process of design to development. Continuing to work on providing sustainable solutions and implementing practices within the brands she works with. 

2022 saw the launch of Abigail’s own sustainable fashion label, Studio Real|ne.  

Studio Real|ne is a responsible fashion design studio. A conscious label, centered around pre-loved clothing. Valuing playfulness, quality and longevity above all else, time is heavily investing in sourcing, curating and developing carefully curated collections. The focus is on creating a modular wardrobe of interchangeable contemporary pieces, that can be worn through the seasons.

The mission: to slow down and circularise the fashion industry, one garment at a time.

In September 2023, Abigail is heading up SFW Hub Plymouth. Bringing sustainable fashion to Plymouth. Abigail will be creating a programme of events to support a bold move away from fast fashion and the production of new clothing that harms both people and planet. We want to resource and empower people in different communities to join a growing movement for change and find individual ways of engaging with sustainability and confidently taking action.