Working with the community, we help make sustainable fashion accessible. Taking a creative, grassroots approach, we seek to empower people with skills and resources to help drive a positive shift in our relationship with clothes.

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As well as being the owner of Studio Real|ne, a responsible fashion platform, Abigail is a sustainable fashion designer and consultant based in Plymouth, Devon. For the past 10 years, she has taken creative entrepreneurs from idea to launch. Supporting both existing fashion brands in becoming more sustainable and working with purpose driven fashion startups. Accelerating growth through design and product development, consulting and mentoring. Guiding clients to make better informed decisions when it comes to the welfare of the people and animals within their supply chain, as well as reducing their environmental impact.

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We’re excited to introduce our headline sponsor, Real Ideas! 

Founded in 2007 as a social enterprise, Real Ideas work to solve problems and create opportunities. Making real & lasting change for individuals, organisations, communities & places. ⁣
With a diverse campus of buildings, including The Devonport Guildhall, Ocean Studios, Market Hall, and Liskeard Library. Each space offers a unique focus and purpose, all driven by the same core values: creativity, innovation, and social responsibility.⁣
Our Sustainable Fashion Week hub will be taking place at The Devonport Guildhall, which is nestled in the heart of historic Devonport. Designed by the renowned John Foulston in the early 1820s, the building has been lovingly restored by Real Ideas.⁣
Working alongside the Nature and Neighbourhoods team, which supports businesses, groups, and communities in making a positive impact. The venue’s reputation for sustainability aligns perfectly with our mission, making it an ideal location for our event.⁣
Join us on this exciting journey towards a greener, more vibrant future, where thriving communities are at the heart of flourishing neighbourhoods.

Below you will find the creative collaborators taking part in SFW Hub Plymouth…

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