SFW Hub Plymouth (Abigail Eaton) Application Guidance:


Please read the below agreement carefully before agreeing to our terms and conditions regarding your participation in our event. You will be asked to click an agreement button on the application form to confirm that you have read these terms. You may contact us by e-mail via info@abigaileaton.com if you have any questions.

This agreement is between Abigail Eaton (operator of SFW Hub Plymouth) and the individual applicant for each form submitted (‘Participant’). This agreement must be read by each Participant that applies via our online form submission. Our online application form will guide you through the steps you need to take to make an application for a ‘space’ (Market Stall, Workshop, Swap shop, Fashion Show). Please take the time to read and check your application before clicking the submit button.

This agreement will be effective for the event in which the participant participates. 1. BASIC TERMS FOR PARTICIPANTS

1.1 All products must be your own original work. If you are selling or showcasing 2nd hand goods you must be transparent about this.

1.2 Abigail Eaton reserves the right to deny applicants a space if not deemed appropriate.

1.3 Stand, show or workshop space, is let to the Participant stated when applying and must not be sub-let to any other party.


2.1 Once the Participant has received a confirmation email, the total space fee will be payable immediately. The Participant must pay the total fee no later than 14 days from the date of the confirmation email *unless otherwise stated*. If the Participant’s payment time exceeds 14 days Abigail Eaton reserves the right to offer the space to another applicant. Please check your confirmation and acceptance email to confirm the payment due date for your specific event.

2.2 No further final details with respect to the event applied for will be forwarded to the Participant until payment has been received by Abigail Eaton in full.

2.3 Participants’ spaces are only secure once the following process is complete: – Application form submitted with all areas filled in.
– Confirmation email from Abigail Eaton has been received by the Participant.
– Payment has been accepted in full and confirmed by Abigail Eaton.

2.4 Not all applications will be successful. Abigail Eaton reserves the right to refuse applications without justifying the decision. Abigail Eaton can decline an application from any applicant whose work is not considered to be appropriate. Abigail Eaton receives a high level of applicants so feedback cannot be provided on an individual basis.

2.5 Allocation of spaces at the venue is at the sole discretion of Abigail Eaton.

2.6 Updates to event details will be sent to Participants via email. Participants must ensure that they provide correct contact details during the application process.

2.7 Should the event become oversubscribed, applications will be placed on a waiting list and Participants will be informed no less than one week in advance of the event if a cancellation has been received.

2.8 Receipts for payment will be issued with 3 days of paying. We do not issue individual invoices.

2.9 Sharing of space is only allowed subject to all participants applying as a collective, through the normal application process.


3.1 If for any reason, the event for which you have secured a space, has to be cancelled as a result of, including but not limited to any acts of nature, disease, war, hostilities or of any fire, or your space is no longer available, you will receive a refund.

3.2 Abigail Eaton shall, as soon as is reasonable, upon becoming aware that any such delay has been caused, give to the participant notice of the cancellation of the event.

3.3 Participants are given 7 days after their space payment has been processed, to cancel. A refund will be issued to the original payment method, minus 25% of the overall transaction cost to cover administration fees.

3.4 space fees are non-refundable after the 7-day period.
3.5 Cancellations must be received in writing.
3.6 Space cannot be re-let without prior approval from Abigail Eaton. 4. SET UP AND TAKE DOWN

4.1 Abigail Eaton will not supply tables or furniture to Participants unless agreed. Participants are supplied with a specified floor area for the market stand and must bring their own structure to display work on.

4.2 All Participants must be set up 30 minutes before trading commences on the day of the event and cleared away within 1 hour after trading ceases.

4.3 No stall may be cleared before trading ceases without permission of Abigail Eaton.

4.4 Participants must ensure that none of their display equipment extends beyond the space they have been allocated.

4.5 Exhibitors must maintain adequate shared access with their neighbours.

4.6 Abigail Eaton are not responsible for Participant’s property, personal belongings or stock whilst attending the fair.

4.7 Abigail Eaton has the right to ask Participants to remove any of their exhibits and to make alterations to their display if they are deemed unsuitable, create a hazard or for any other legitimate reason. Failure by the Participants to take remedial action on this last point may result in Abigail Eaton asking the Participant to leave and to refuse admission to future events.

4.8 Participants must ensure that their stall space is attended at all times by themselves, their employees, or representatives throughout the trading time.

4.9 Participants must remove all rubbish, wrapping and waste at the end of the event.


5.1 Participants are responsible for arranging their own Public Liability Insurance and Employer’s Liability Insurance, in respect of the Participants liability for bodily injury and damage to property arising in connection with the event. This must be sufficient to cover all reasonably foreseeable circumstances at the event and must have a limit of liability not less than £2,000,000.00.

5.2 The Participant must ensure that all electrical equipment brought to the event has been subject to portable appliance testing (“PAT”) by a competent and approved person.

5.3 The Participant must ensure that all equipment they bring to the premises is safe and in good working order and suitable for the purposes for which it is used.

5.4 The Participant must obtain and maintain all necessary licences, permissions and consents as may be required in relation to their business activity at the event.

5.5 Abigail Eaton cannot be held responsible for injury or accident caused by a Participant’s product or exhibit, loss of profits, for damage or theft of participants stock or interruption of power or services.

5.6 Selecting the appropriate click button via the official booking form acknowledges full acceptance of these Terms & Conditions